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I am Uros

Photo by Dawid Chabowski

You know how in every primary school there is a chubby kid that everybody picks on? I was that kid. Have you ever known that weird taste in your mouth when the person you love above everyone says: “I am seeing somebody else.” Did you ever drown your pain in a bottle of wine or whisky? What about numbing your self with all types of drugs just to tune out the pain? (I hope not ;))

I went through all of that and boy it was fun at the time but I was on the highway to crash and burn in a fireball that could have been my life. Thanks to my friends and family I discovered another way. Extreme sports.

As a son of a guy who was making surfboards at home in his free time, there was no way I could avoid learning how to windsurf. I've been involved in extreme sports in one way or another for as long as I can remember.

The moment you are standing on the top of a mountain. You inhale the snowy slopes all around you. It’s cold. It’s windy. Not to you. In that moment there is nothing else but you, your snowboard, the mountain and freedom. Then you "drop in". Every second storming down the mountain counts, you use it to carve your own line. That is the moment when I realized that life is intended to be lived, not to be merely endured. While holding the windsurf sail and feeling the strength of the wind I realized my life is in my hands and in my hands only. When preparing to drop into the quarter pipe on a BMX bike, I realized it’s good to have fun with your life.

Photo by Mom

I often meet people, young and old, who have a really low opinion of themselves. From a very young age we are programmed to yearn for the acceptance of people around us - our parents, friends, teachers, partners... We want to please these people but we tend to forget that it's impossible to please everyone. Critiques and rejections from them feel like a head on collision with reality. But who’s reality is this? Yours or theirs? We can be so much more than we sometimes believe we are. I am going to show you this through my reality, through the world I know best. Extreme sports and photography. 

Photo by Mom

While working with extreme sports athletes for quite some time now, I couldn't help my self but to notice something about this people. They fall down allot and they hurt allot, but every single time they get up and try again. It doesn’t matter if they have to repeat the trick a hundred times or one-thousand-seventy-five times, they do it until they succeed. They don't tell themselves "I'm no good", "I will never make it", "it's too hard"... they don't allow themselves to think like this. Do you think Robbie Maddison would jump the Corinth Channel on his MX bike thinking "it's impossible"? Do you think Felix Baumgartner would train for the biggest moment of his life thinking "I'm no good"?

Photo by Mom

We are capable of being so much more than we dare to believe we are. This is what I deeply believe therefore I see an enormous potential in extreme sports. It’s an active lifestyle. It’s the sense of belonging. That feeling that everything is possible. That we can do it if we dare to believe we can and act upon it. Besides you have to admit... It’s freaking cool. For me extreme sports were a way out. When kids were picking on me in primary school I got my frustration out on my bike by going down the hill as fast as I could. When I was going through alcohol and drug problems, BMX and snowboarding helped me get in touch with my true self again. Consequently through extreme sport I learned never to give up and that if I believe in something I can do it. This is why I want to show the world the values and beliefs behinds the stories of all people who have extreme sports and active lifestyles in their blood. 

Photo by Tomaž Bremec

As a professional photographer I capture these values, emotions, stories because I believe that with my understanding of extreme sports I know how to visually represent the energy and the unique line each individual has. I am not looking for the wow, I create the “WOW”. My photographs help advertising agencies, sports apparel & equipment manufacturers, as well as sport event promoters & organizers reach teenagers and young adults falling in love with extreme sports or connecting deeper with those who have already fallen in love with extreme sports. 

Photo by "I don't remember"


I'm also thrilled about my new book coming out about extreme sports, stories behind it and my main message is that extreme sports can build a positive self-image of youngsters which are "lost" in this crazy world (like I was) and need to find the right path to that attitude of self worth by being cool and "winning" in things which seem impossible. 


Photos by Philipp Benedikt, Me and Dawid Chabowski

If you like what you just read and you want to have a conversation about how my photography and intimate knowledge of the Millennials and Extreme Sports can help you to elevate your brand, feel free to contact me at info@urosrojc.com, text me at +386 41 979 833 or just fill the form bellow.