t f l 5


While living and working in Warsaw, I had the huge privilege of working with a great videographer, who goes by the name of Mateusz Kanownik. We became friends straight away and although sometimes we were jumping into each others frames, either by mistake or intentionally, we managed to keep a positive view on each others workflow.

One day Mateusz approached me with a strange request, he wanted to film a short documentary about the way I work. At first I was a bit sceptical about it, thinking why would anybody be interested in this, but with time I started to realise that there is indeed something interesting about how photographers work. The passion and persistence when it comes to represent extreme sports athletes, who are pushing the boundaries of what we think our minds and bodies are capable of performing year in and year out.

We've been working on this short video for around a year. Filming bits and pieces while travelling, coming up with ideas on the fly, practically just having fun.

Enjoy it.